About us

Elena Guillem designing backpacks at the workshop of Fugacargo

We started pedaling a few years ago looking for a different life, looking for new possibilities that would allow us to move on while reducing the environmental impact and generating awareness in our society. 

Fugacargo is a brand of backpacks and travel accessories that was born with the commitment to simplify your travel to create a sustainable and dynamic future.

A brand in which we work with the essence of things, reducing them to their minimum expression so that you can move where, when and the way you want, providing a unique and pure style, without superfluous elements.

The commitment to society and the environment has led us to choose our path in a responsible way, therefore we manufacture by hand in Spain, our country of origin, generating development and favoring local and fair trade

In Fugacargo we are aware of our environment and that our actions have an impact on it, that’s why we stand with people who decide to use means of transport driven by their own energy.

Because we are a group of people in constant movement, who like you, lead a dynamic life and a sustainable future where we can keep on moving forward together.