Versatile laptop backpack and shoulder bag

Lean bag black

It can be carried by hand, over the shoulder or as a backpack


Minimalistic everyday laptop backpack


The versatility you need to carry everything


Versatile laptop backpack and shoulder bag

Lean bag bordeaux

Limited bordeaux color edition of the lean bag


Convertible leather bum bag

Bumbag green

This bumbag is just what your need for easy access to your daily essential items


What we believe in

Choosing responsibly

Because we are aware of our environment and we know that our actions have an impact on it, we choose our path to freedom in a responsible manner, making sure we are respectful towards our society and the environment.

Expressing the essential

Getting to the essence of things and reducing them to their minimum expression is our credo thus simplifying our existence and those around us. We keep what we need in our lives and the rest disappears.

Being committed to the future

We reduce our environmental impact by supporting non-polluting means of transport driven by our own energy. We generate development favoring local commerce.

Making adaptation easier

Because we like exploring diversity, having multiple options and enjoying different possibilities, our bags and backpacks can easily and quickly get adapted to new functions you need.

Our commitment

Made to last

Enjoying your backpack for years. Handcrafted in Spain with long-lasting materials.

Minimalist lifestyle

Living with the essentials, carrying them with our minimalistic bags and backpacks.

All-around products

Meeting your ever-changing needs. Using them as your life evolves.


Wearing as you feel it. All our products are designed for any gender.

Secure payments

Every transaction is protected. We are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Money back guarantee

If you don’t like your bag or backpack, you can return it within 14 days.

Free shipping

Enjoy free shipping to Spain on all orders, to EU on orders over 250€ and to EEUU on orders over 350€.

Friendly customer care

We are happy to help you solve any doubt you have about our products.


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